Essential fluids: Placental blood, resin, honey, water, breast milk, ocean salt water, sepia ink... What nourishes us? At birth, we are directly dependent on nourishing fluids in direct form (mother's milk) and in indirect form (from intact, nourished and connected ecosystems).the collected "essential fluids" come from nature and from humans and animals. As a heterogeneous mixture, they only partially combine and only develop their structures on the subsurface. The structures can only be roughly preserved; their components (the organic liquids) continue to change slowly with time and incident sunlight. In various series, different formulations of these liquids are tested, microscoped and collected on microscope slides. The focus is on the various properties, such as feeding, growing or healing wounds. Fragments of different ecosystems and habitats in the sea, inland waters and on land are combined with each other.
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