#MakeUsVisible x denkFEmale / opening event: 6 pm, 30.09.2022 Monacensia at Hildebrandhaus ​​​​​
18.05.22 - 01.05.23 Playing with Nature / Akademie für politische Bildung Tutzing  / Opening  18.05.22, 19 Uhr ​​​​​​​

Ausstellung im Kunstlabor mit dem Kollektiv Studio Winter
Vernissage: 16.10.21 (Lange Nacht der Museen München)
Many Titles / Galerie Probst, Suarezstr. 55, 14057 Berlin  /  07.07 - 18.09.22 ​​​​​​​
The artist Mariella Kerscher was born 1991 in Augsburg, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and is the winner of various scholarships. Kerscher is looking for a way to represent the linear and finite process of life, from growth to decay. She experiments in different series, with various techniques and changing symbols to artistically transcribe an organic mortality. She accomplishes this, for example, by using a 3D CT scan of her own placenta to minutely examine the complex structures in order to immerse and transfer them into images and onto objects.This creates cave-like, abstract landscapes from a feminist point of view. In her oeuvre, Kerscher creates in this way her personal representation of preservation and shows an extension to the medical and biological approach.Galerie Probst, Berlin / Franziska Owsian and Emily Reck

Placenta_8.stl, 2022, Öl auf Leinwand, 120 x 100 cm / photocredit: Julia Milberger


Dachauerstr. 157, 80636 München
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